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Here is my prices for my commissions


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Full Artwork Black and white (Shaded in Gray): U$ 105 (4K sizes 3840x2160 pixels or Comic Book size 2067x3154 pixels)

Commission Trouble in the Sea 02 Lined version by leandro-sf Commission Angel Transformation 05 of 05 by leandro-sf

To color it: +U$ 50

Commission Trouble in The Sea 02 Colored by leandro-sf Commission Angel Transformation 05 of 05 Color by leandro-sf

Note: Maximum of 10 people don´t mind the size for art

Comic book page Format

Black and white (Shaded in Gray): U$ 115 Size 2481×3508

Mature Content

Commission: TTT - Time Travel Trouble 02 of 03 S by leandro-sf

To Color: + 50
Commission Teleport Troulbe Color Pag. 01 of Four by leandro-sf

Multiple Image in Black and white shaded in gray: U$ 135

Mature Content

Commision Classical Fighters4 The Pulgilist Girls by leandro-sf

To color it: +50

Mature Content

Commis Clas. Fighters4 - 1 millian view celebrate by leandro-sf


Payment only by "Paypal"!

Sorry to say guys, but I am not interesting in free works!

And I don´t want to participate in any contest! I don´t have time to do so!



Classical Fighters 3 page 04of04 (Final)
Normal Ending

Castle fight part 5 Princess Wins

They were now laying side by side, holding on to one another, reluctant to let go of each other like some love struck teenagers, they both manage to bring themselves into a sitting position. 

Facing one another, inches away. Their one good eye looked deep into one another with hate and destruction. They inched their bleeding pussies closer together 
until their pussy lips met. Pressed together for one last sexual battle. They rubbed their pussies roughy together and started biting again into one another's already damaged  necks. 

To an outsider, their pussy lock and sexual stimulation would seem puzzling, but both girls knew that in this close fight, only by bringing your opponent to orgasm and causing her to loose all control, would an opening (literally in this case of the neck bite) be gained. 

Their pussies burned into one another, blood, juice and piss splashed and squirted all over the place. Joined by the steady flow of gore flowing down their torn necks. 
Blond and Black pussy hair littered the ground like fallen soldiers as they fought their own lotto private death duel. 

Time stood still as they both remained locked in that deadly position. Legs wrapped around one another, nails like talons sunken into one another's bleeding backs and teeth working away at tearing their enemies throat out. They resembled two blood soaked demons. Both lost in their deadly struggle of pain and pleasure. 

Boody froth of blood and saliva copiously drooling down from their mouths onto the floor as their teeth work without mercy biting and tearing down towards the pulse, their pussies mashing together reaching its climatic crescendo. One of them would have to give in. It was the Princess's hatred and lust for revenge that broke the impasse. 

Suddenly the Countess went into a huge shiver, like electricity had shot through her body. Her pussy has lost the sexual death duel and climaxed first just as the princess was about to come. 

Her pussy caved in, allowing the princess to push her own pussy lip further into the countess and causing her to loose all control of her body. The Countess screamed with both passion and hate as she experienced the most intense orgasm in her life for the first and last time. 

This release gave the princess the advantage she was looking for and she took it without mercy. She opened her jaw wide for one last assault and bit deeply into the defenseless neck. 

Biting in with all her remaining strength, the Princess was rewarded as her cheeks puff out like a bullfrog's, dark arterial blood squirting out from the corner's of her mouth as the countesses  jugulars burst like rubber tubes, the young beauty's white teeth ripping them open and blood gushed down her gulping throat! 

The countess bit off a chunk of the Princess's neck flesh as she reels her head back and then spits it out. She screams in disbelief as her beautiful face twists in mortal agony and terror at her coming defeat! Her huge torn breasts wipe gore and slime back and forth on the princesses equally bloody chest and naked wet belly as the princess rolls the dying countess off of her. 

Straddling the dying woman, the princess thrusts her thumbs deep into the countess's remaining blue eyes, making them burst like grapes! 

The countess squeezes a long brown sausage of excrement out of her prefect ass cheeks and empties her bladder as the princess tears at her hot bags of milk meat, screaming with the lust of killing, grinding her naked cunt into the naked countess cunt as she goes into her DEATH THROES  and JERKS!  

The Countess blond hair were streaked in blood, her mouth gasping, blood spraying out from both her empty eye socket, torn breasts and ripped open neck. Her pussy was splayed wide open and bleeding. It looked as it had a life of its own, opening and closing, gasping for air as the last of her urine and blood sprayed out of it. 

Princess Isabella's pressed into her dying enemy, her slicked bloodied breast pressed into the Countess's  breast.

Bleeding badly herself from the torn neck wounds and missing ear lobe. 
She whispered into the Countess's ear, "This is for my father, you bitch!"

Gripping the countesses head with both hands and with a mighty wrench she twisted Countess Báthory's head around on her shoulders 180 degrees. The snapping of the neck at where it joined the skull was frightening.

The Countess's body shuddered one last time and then collapses like a puppet with its strings cut, 

An exhausted and badly wounded Princess collapse onto the dead Countess. Only the sounds of warriors chanting their names brought her back. The Warriors below could not see who had won or even if both of them had killed the other. 

Princess Isabella with the last of her strength slowly got up and then lifted the dead body of the countess over her head for all to see and cast her bloodied and lifeless body over the ledge.

On witnessing the death of the  Evil Queen,the armies stopped fighting and Queen Isabella's realm began.

The 2 Queens had fought like two female animals, naked and to the glorious DEATH! Their story would be told for ages to come. Light vs Darkness. Good vs Evil. 

Long live Queen Isabella the one eyed Warrior Queen. 

Page 03:…

Classical Fighters 3 page 03of04 (Final)
The Story was written by you can ready more of girl fighting in his profile:

Castle fight Part 4

They were now both on an open platform 4 meters wide. There were no walls for protection, only a deadly drop down the edge. The spectacle of the two naked  and bloodied women fighting up on the open platform stopped all the fighting below. The armies from both sides were now rooting for their Queens.

Countess Báthory seized the advantage and dived on top of her dazed enemy, pushing the wind out of her, she position herself on top of Isabella, breast to breast and pussy to pussy. The Countess pinned her down by spreading her arms and legs like a starfish. Her wet pussy grinding into The Princess's wet snatch as they lay together, her wet, cantaloupe sized, breasts slaps back and forth on her enemy's flattened breast. They looked deeply into one another's eye.

This was the Countess's favorite killing position. She would pin her victims, naked in this hold and look into their frightened eyes as she bashed in their noses and rips into their breast with her teeth. 

There was no fear from Princess Isabella's big brown eyes, only a grim determination and hatred.

With the Princess trapped, Countess Báthory snaps her head back and drives her forehead down as hard as she could into The princess's nose going for the coupe de grace. 

Isabella's nose shatters and the cartilage was driven up into her skull, between her eyes, but not deep enough to kill her. She was in deadly trouble and she knew that she had to react or the next blow would kill her for sure. 

Just as the Countess was about to deliver another head butt to finish her off, Princess Isabella bucked like a wild buck, driving her heels and shoulders into the rough and jagged floor. 

This sudden and unexpected move caused the Countess to loose her wrist hold and she had to support herself on the floor. 

Princess Isabella's freed hands push up and clawed at the Countess's breasts, squeezing and twisting her breasts like taffy, yanking the breast meat out like bread dough, and then smashing the bosoms back into her ribcage. Blood rained down on her chest as the breast were literally torn apart.

The Countess screamed, reached down and began to claw the Princess's breasts in revenge, twisting and pulling them out from her ribs and twisting them, before driving the heels of her palms back into breast meat, driving her claw punches all the way to the to the ribs - Countess Báthory was literally pumping punches in an out of Princess Isabella's soft, voluptuous, breasts. Blood splattered everywhere as she pulled and punched at the Princess's equally torn breasts.

Both girls were screaming and crying incoherently, but the pain seemed to only turn into some kind of rabid rage in their bloodstream. Shocking red blood seem to streamed from all parts of their bodies.

Both of the womens' brutalized and torn breasts were now swollen to almost double D cups size, and covered with blood. They were reduced to orbs with deep scratches and torn flesh.

The Countess was finding it difficult to maintain her top position with the bucking Princess, she had to act soon or Princess Isabella would break free, like an animal, she dropped her face into the side of The Princess's neck - biting down towards the jugular. 

In doing so she exposed her own wet throat, in a flash Princess Isabella returned the bite, locking her jaws into her enemy's throat. The fight had degenerated into a feral bitch fight similar to female pit bull matches to the death.

Both women wrapped their legs around One another and began grinding together as if they were fucking! They were in fact clit fighting. 

In order to prevent the Countess from tearing out her neck, the Princess wrapped one hand behind the Countess's head and the other around her back in a semi bear hug and clawed her back bloody. At the same time, forcing her face under the Countess's left ear biting down towards the pulse!

Trapped in this hold, Countess   Báthory yanks her own hands-free and likewise wraps her arms around the girl below her, both women began clawing deeply into each others shoulders, clawing back and forth, crosshatching the other woman's naked wet back with deep fingernail grooves that bleed profusely as they chewed deeply into each other's throat, eyes squinting with hate, as each forced her face inward into their enemy’s flesh - their jaws opening and closing in the other girls vulnerable neck. 

Blood was flowing like a torrent from the corners of both girls's mouths as each bit out chunks of flesh and twists and shook their heads like bull terrier bitches. 

Deep throated growls and sobs were the only sound coming from both girls's throats as they claw each other's backs and bit each other's neck. 

Their mutilated breasts pressed into flattened pillows against each other and their hips ground together as they each slipped their legs around one another - intertwining their legs as they grind their cunts against each other - actually using the force of their upwardly cascading orgasms to pump their fury higher to  achieve a pure, manic, fighting state. 

Both naked warrior's teeth tearing at the veins and arteries as they feel the other girls teeth tear their throat all the way open.

Bright red arterial blood pulsing from their necks and streaming over their breasts and pooling below them.

As if driven by demons these two girls had press themselves so tightly together that they seemed to be joined as one.

Countess Báthory broke the stalemate again as she dislodged her teeth and went for the inviting ear, closing her teeth around Princess Isabella's soft white right earlobe. The Brunette girl screamed with her mouth all the way open as the Countess chewed through the cartilage and, shaking her pretty head rips almost all of that ear away from the side of the Princess's head and spits it out on the blood stained pebbled floor.

Enraged with survival instincts, the Princess grabs the Countess by the back of her blood streaked blond hair with her left hand and instinctively drives her right thumb into her big blue right eyeball. 

The Countess shrieks as her eyeball explodes, the thumbnail and first two digits of  Princess Isabella's thumb knifing through the pupil of the eye. 

The Countess empties her bladder, spraying hot urine into Princess Isabella's pussy and over their legs.

In retaliation, the enraged countess stabs her own sharp nailed thumb into the princess right eye and sinks her thumb right down into her sockets too. 

It was the princesses turn to empty her bladder and scream in agony. Her golden piss  joined with the countesses below their bloodied bodies

They held one another in this  torturous position for what seem like eternity. Digging their thumbs in, disfiguring and blinding their hated enemy. Each trying to kill the other before they blacked out. 

Classical Fighters 3 page 02of04 (Final)
The Story was written by you can ready more of girl fighting in his profile:

Castle Fight Part3

They rolled apart and got to their knees. 

With hate in their eyes and without hesitation, they walked into one another eager to resume their murderous destruction.

The furious girls pressed forward breast to breast, gripping each other by interlacing their fingers, and each trying to force the other over the edge of the castle wall. 

Both Princess Isabella and the Countess bare their teeth drawing their lips back as blood flowed from their broken noses and mouths over their throats and down over there swinging, purple, bruise covered, and swollen breasts. 

Their breasts vibrating, slapping against one another, splashing blood and sweat all over the place as they struggled to overpower the other. 

Both purple faced girls howl into each other's face with raw hatred. 

As they wrestled for advantage, Princess Isabella saw an opportunity and grabbed the Countess's breast with one hand and bites down hard, driving her teeth deep towards the tissues. 

The Countess screams and grabs the back of Isabella's blood streaked black hair and yanks her head back, yanking the teeth out of her flesh. Blood gushed from the open wound, the bite-mark were deep, right through the skin into the muscle over the veins. 

The two women were like wild animals, bred to fight and kill instinctively without remorse. 

The naked girls went into a clinch, each trying to wrench the other’s head back by the hair, yanking each other heads back and forth. Isabella wraps and wound both her arms around The Countess's throat and tries to apply a forearm asphyxiation to her slender windpipe. Countess Báthory replied in kind.

Both naked women danced in a circle of hate at the edge of the castle wall, eyes bulging from the effort to kill the other. As each applied an arm bar choke hold to the other,  their tone bellies and voluptuous breasts wiped wetly back-and-forth. As their eyes and and tongues started to protrude both raging hell-cats became desperate. Each feared that they might lose this brutal exchange. 

Loosing conciseness from the lack of oxygen, they both fell over the wall onto an open ledge a meter below the castle walls. 

Countess Báthory was the first to recover her senses, she was winded but otherwise unhurt, she hoped that the fall had seriously injured or even killed the Princess but seeing her rival slowly getting up as well, she knew she would have to finish the job herself.

Classical Fighters 3 page 01of04 (Final)

The Story was written by you can ready more of girl fighting in his profile:

Castle fight part2

Countess Báthory changed tactics and drives forward with a surprise body tackle. The impact forces Princess Isabelle  to stumble onto her gorgeous ass and roll back onto her shoulders. 

The Countess was on her in an instant, she drops her wet crotch and ass onto The Princess's  belly and begins to brutally "ground and pound" into her face and breasts. 

Princess Isabella's breasts explode out from the Countess's bare fists with each blow which drives her knuckles all the way through the soft meat to the ribs below. 

The Portuguese princess's nose is shattered and blood squirts from her nostrils and pours out the corners of her mouth as her lips are hammered into her teeth. 

The Princess is not helpless though, with bleeding gritted teeth, she grabs both of the countess's dangling boobs and drives 10 fingers deep like curved Arabian daggers into her soft adipose tissue. 

The Countess screams in agony, spraying Princess Isabella's face with saliva through her clenched teeth and reaches down and grabs her rivals breasts in retaliation and begins yanking them out and pounding them back into her ribs, all the time twisting them violently clockwise and counterclockwise as if she were trying to rip them off of the blonds white chest. 

It is Princess Isabella's turn to scream but she fights back, driving her left forearm up into Countess Báthory's throat and dropping  her right hand between their bodies, curves her fingers up and into the Countess's vagina and begins savagely clawing away at the inside of her birth canal and labia. 

Both girls explode into a hate fueled fighting fury. Screaming, spitting and crying as they try to destroy one another.

Their bare legs intertwined and each ground her wet vulva against the other's thigh as they wrap their arms around each other's shoulders and yank back on hair. 

They were both pulling their heads back away from each other as they rolled over and over on the cold hard castle floor , cursing and even urinating squirts of hot piss from the force of their physical fight. Their bloodied breasts wiped back and forth over each other as their bellies grind together, sweat streaming down their naked thighs. 

The two hellcats rolled until they ended up on the side of the castle wall. Princess Isabella manage to roll on top of her rival and then drives her own head back and rams it down again and again into the center of Countess Báthory's pale white face. 

It was the Countess's turn to suffer, her face explodes into streams of hot red female blood as her nose was pulped and her lips were shredded on her teeth. 

Both girls were now equally bloodied and hurt from the see sawing battle. 

Continue in page 02

Page 02:…
Samba de Feverreiro-Flat
Treino de pintura da Mamãe...

Mother´s painting training...

This is a very old artwork. 
Hi to everyone that visit my Deviant art Profile! 

This month I am in celebration because this page got more than 200.000 pageviews, and I already got too 2.000.000 (millions) of views of my deviants arts in here, just need to say how I got happy about that!  
So I would like to thank all of you that come here, and I a special thanks to the people that watch me. Working with arts has its low and high moments, but it is very good to see so many people appreciating your efforts. 

Believe in yourselves and never give up!  


So I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas and an Excellent Happy New Year. 

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